Shadows of the Past

After what has felt like forever I am pleased to announce the digital release of my novel Shadows of the Past, in kindle format. The print copy will be following soon.

They  hide in the shadows..
     “Tell me about the warehouse, Carl.”
     “I don't want to go there,” Carl whispered.
     “The shadows.”
     Sam could feel something crawling around inside him, a thing dark and oily, responding to Carl’s terror. He recalled the solitude of the warehouse. The thoughts that went through his mind upon entering its shadowy interior.
     He who walks between the rows.
     Carl pointed a shaking finger at the building behind them.­ Among the pedestrians moving in and out through the seven revolving doors, Sam caught a glimpse of something dark.­ A shadowy figure, seen for a brief moment, then gone as quickly as it appeared.
     “The shadows,” Carl whispered with a shaky voice.
     “What's in the shadows?”­ Sam's throat was constricted and he struggled to get the words out, “tell me, Carl, what do you see in the shadows?”
     “Ssssshhhhh.” ­Carl put his finger to his lips. He whispered, “don't let it hear you.”

They have watched from the shadows since the beginning of time. Waiting impatiently for their chance to return to the world of the living.

Their opportunity comes by way of a brain damaged four year old whose fathomless black eyes hold the secrets of life and death. A child who has the unique ability to bargain with death itself.

They will do anything to possess this child.

Sam Hardin must come to terms with the guilt he feels over his wife's death in time to protect his son from the forces of evil who seek to use him as a conduit from the ancient past.

Inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, Shadows of the Past takes the reader on a pulse pounding journey that spans three days as the ongoing battle between good and evil is joined. Sam Hardin and Jack Griffith go head to head in a fight to the death from which only one can emerge victorious while in the balance hangs the future of all mankind.

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