The 'What If' box

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion, as I’m sure every other writer has. Where do you get your ideas? I can’t answer for anyone else, but for me my ideas come from my what if box.

What is a What If box? You ask.
It’s a dark chamber in my mind where all the little snippets of half formed ideas mingle freely with all the little tid-bits of information I’ve gleaned over the years. It’s a rather noisy place as everything there is constantly vying for my attention as they churn about in a frenzy of never ending motion. Running into one another, joining momentarily, then separating when what they form makes absolutely no sense.
Every so often two totally unrelated pieces of information will run into one another and stick. They will sit quietly in the center of the maelstrom as they nurture one another, snagging errant pieces of information to feed their growing appetite,  until suddenly, like a bubble rising from the black depths of a desolate swamp, they will breach the surface of my consciousness where I will marvel at their appearance and wonder quietly to myself.
Now where did that come from?

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