5Qs with Scott Nicholson

1.) When did you first consider yourself a writer?

A.)  I have always thought of myself that way but very rarely refer to myself that way in public, even though I am now a full-time writer. But I've never been "just a writer." I've always had other passions, professions, and hobbies.

2.) What is the hardest part of writing?

A.)  Persistence and commitment. Writing is little more than putting one word after another, over and over.

3.) How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?

A.)  I had a number of short stories published before my first novel, so I had my stack of rejection slips to dance upon. But I also knew there was a lot of hard work ahead.

4.) In addition to writing, what else are you passionate about?

A.)  I was a painter and rock musician, and now gardening is one of my passions, but I could see getting back into painting. I am a partner in the ebook promotion site eBookSwag.com and it is exciting and promising.

5.) If you could ask any author, living or dead, one question, what would it be?

A.)  I'd like to ask Mark Twain what he thinks of the 21st Century. I am sure he'd have a grand time making sport of Facebook!

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