Changes are afoot.

If you've been here before you may have noticed that there are changes taking place. I've always viewed this blog as a way to give readers and potential readers a glimpse at the person behind the stories. That solitary figure hunkered behind the computer monitor as the words spill across the page. Truth be told the words come in spurts, not that smooth flow so many of us wish were possible.

First and foremost I'm a reader, I always have been, and chances are good that if you were you to run into me in public you'd notice that a book is never far from my hand. Lately it's been my kindle as I've taken the plunge into E-readers, but I still enjoy the act of reading a new book, the smell of the pages, that tactile feel of the book in my hand that can never be fully replaced by an electronic device. I like to read, and I like to share what I've read. So you will notice two lists to the right. Links to the books I've recently read, and a list of links to the author's page whose works I've read. Whether I've liked their work or not.

I've recently come to a junction in my life that has created a great deal of personal turmoil for me. For the past four months I have been in the middle of a legal process that I hope will offer some relief and with the final payment to my lawyer made I feel I now have some breathing room. The details are unimportant. I feel as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can once again look to the future with a degree of hope. And I can put the period from 2008 to the present firmly behind me.

Going forward  every Monday will still be devoted to Monday's 5Qs. Every Wednesday I will post about my own personal journey through the act of writing. How I myself put butt in chair and create. A glimpse if you will of the process I follow in creating a piece of work. Fridays will be given over to book news, reviews of recent reads, announcements of upcoming releases from other authors, or information about small presses.

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