5Qs with Kat Yares

1.) When did you first consider yourself a writer?

A.)  I think I've always considered myself a writer - or at least since I could write a legible sentence. Have always written stuff, even poetry, and have earned a living from my words at times. But I didn't consider myself an author until I had a short story accepted into a magazine and actually got paid for it.

2.) What is the hardest part of writing?

A.)  Putting butt in chair and just doing it. Next to that, is the absolute necessary rewriting/revision process.

3.) How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?

A.)  You could have heard me whooping and hollering all the way to the next town, I think. I still have that first dollar made taped to my desktop.

4.) In addition to writing, what else are you passionate about?

A.)  Movie making. Can't call it film making because no film is involved. But I love the creativeness that you can achieve looking through the lens of a camera and then putting the scenes and segments together to tell a story.

5.) If you could ask any author, living or dead, one question, what would it be?

A.)  I would love to converse with John Steinbeck. And if I could only ask him one question it would be, Can I borrow the characters from Grapes of Wrath to interact briefly with my characters in the story I'm working on now?

Kat Yares has been writing fiction her entire adult life. She is an author, screenwriter and indie movie maker. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous print publications and online. She was accepted as a member of the Horror Writers Association in 2001.

Her fiction is primarily in the horror/thriller genres. Unlike many, she writes horror not to gross out or startle her readers, but to make them think. Most of her stories are mind games and deal with mans (or woman's) inhumanity to man (or woman). She is currently working on a two book series - set 2000 years apart. Part fantasy, part thriller - the two stories that comprise The Descendants are reminiscent of both Marian Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon series and Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.

Her work can be found at all major online retail book outlets by using her name in your eReader to discover what is available.



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