Looking back while gazing into the future.

As I near the one year anniversary for the publication of my novel Shadows of the Past, I cringe at some of the mistakes I've made in my efforts to get the word out about my literary masterpiece. Though I'm over Fifty, with years of business experience both in construction and retail,  marketing this book has shown me just how much of a babe in the woods I really am.

In the beginning I spammed Facebook and Twitter. Did giveaways through Amazon, Goodreads, and Library Thing.  While agonizing over non existent sales figures. I've lost so much time worrying about getting my first book some recognition that I missed a couple of my own deadlines. By now I should have Reprisal done. But it's not.

If there's anything I've learned about all this, it's that writing and publishing is a marathon, not a race, and that the best thing one can do for their current book, is write the next one.

All sage advice that at the time I chose to ignore. But you know what they say. Live and learn. It's much easier to tell someone what they should be doing, and how they should be doing it, than it is to follow that advice yourself.

Something else I've adjusted to this year is my attitude towards self publishing. As time progresses and the face of publishing undergoes some very drastic changes, I've come to realize that self publishing has lost the stigma that was once attached to it.  I came into writing at a time when self publishing fiction was frowned upon. Reserved only for those lowly writers who didn't care if they could write or not.

Now self publishing has become the norm. Dorchester, once a giant in the field of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Romance publishing, has closed its doors. I was actually going to send the manuscript for Shadows of the Past to them, but after seeing what they've done to their authors, I'm glad I didn't.

Some of the big 6 publishers are getting into the self publishing business themselves. But here is where one must move with extreme caution. For as self publishing, or Indie Publishing as those involved like to call it, which is a name I'm slowly warming up to. As Indie Publishing grows ever larger more and more companies are being created with the solitary goal of separating the writer from their money.

From editing services, which every writer should budget for, to layout, cover design, and marketing. Every day it seems there is a new company opening its doors, touting how for just one low price, they can help you too become a best selling writer.

The only way I know of to become a best selling writer is to write a compelling story. No amount of marketing will ever replace that simple fact. It all boils down to the story. And that is one thing I lost sight of while I was marketing my first book. Knowledge hard won that I will keep firmly before me as I enter my second year.

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