The Next Big Thing

The Tuesday before last Jolie Du Pre, author of Conan - The M Series: Book Two tagged me in her post The Next Big Thing. A meme that's been working its way through author blogs across the web where each author answers the same ten questions about a work in progress. Last we I tagged Ginger Hamilton Caudill, and Leigh M Lane. This week they're both talking about their next big thing. I've provided the links below so anyone who wants can stop by to check out their answers.

Ginger Hamilton Caudill Has a very interesting blog guaranteed to make anyone feel right at home.

Leigh M Lane Author of World Mart, and the critically acclaimed Finding Poe which was one of the best books I've read this year.

This weeks winners are.

Monday:  Jessica Crawford
Tuesday: Linda L Kwolek
Wednesday: Crystal Craig
Thursday:  Gaele
Friday: Kate Policani

They have been notified via Twitter.

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