Being true to your character.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When it comes to horror fiction I'm the type of reader who challenges the writer to show me the gore, without showing me the gore. I don't need blood splattered walls, or the F word used in place of  every other word to get the point across.

Yet my most recent release portrays a group of twenty somethings who come face to face with their worst nightmare. Opening with a woman being struck by the vehicle they're in when she stumbles into the road in front of them. Their response is typical, in my mind, of a group of young adults placed in a similar situation with the word in question being bandied about quite freely.

Friday's 5 with Rick Hautala

I was saddened to learn of Rick Hautala's recent passing. While I never met the man face to face, I had read much of his work. He was one of those successful writers you could approach, and who would treat you as an equal as I learned when I sent him a friend request on Facebook, and he responded with a yes. I was further stunned when he agreed to take a look at my first book, and readily responded to my request for a brief interview. He made me, as an old, new writer (if that makes any sense) feel welcome in the fold. In honor of his memory I'm re-posting his interview that first appeared on July 7, 2012. May he rest in peace.

Self Doubt & Writer's Block

You know the feeling. Your current work in progress is beating you up. What you first viewed,  in the heat of creation,  as a gift to mankind, has become the muddled ramblings of a lunatic that bears little semblance to the magnificent prose that flowed effortlessly from your fingers only a day before.

Random House

Having recently finished the line edits of my latest work, Reprisal: Vengeance knows no boundaries. I moved into the contacting of a potential publisher stage. While I enjoy self publishing, and the do it yourself aspect of putting together a new book.  I understand that to get my name out there I need to have some of my work published by other publishers. Hence my decision to fall back to the old routine of submitting to a more reputable publisher than myself. Not to say I'm dishonest or anything. But there are times a publisher can help to expand your audience.