Countdown to Halloween: Craig Saunders

Day eleven finds us nineteen days away from all Hallows eve when witches cruise the midnight sky in search of innocent prey. Allow me to introduce Craig Saunders. His work has recently appeared in  Great British Horror Volume 1. And his hardcover novel The Estate is scheduled for an October 31st release. His latest release is The Dead Boy (Dead Days)

This is England, and these are the Dead Days...

England, now. A man with a dark soul is playing with people like pieces in a game. He is the man with fire in his eyes.

A young child with a remarkable mind, a cold-hearted woman, and a policeman ruled by fear are all that stand in the dark man's way.

In the Dead Days there are no winners, just unlikely heroes, the lucky, the unlucky...and the dead.

This is England, and these are the Dead Days.

The Dead Boy - Book One of The Dead Days, a new serial of the apocalypse.

'Craig Saunders' bold and distinctive voice will haunt your dreams.' - Bill Hussey, author of Through a Glass Darkly and The Absence.

'A talent to keep an eye on.' - Eric S Brown, author of Bigfoot War

'Anyone who has read Craig Saunders knows that his words flow like blood from a severed jugular.' - Robert Essig, Author of Through the In Between, Hell Awaits

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Craig Saunders lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and three children. He pretends to listen to them while making up stories in his head.

A horror writer with a side order of fantasy (as Craig R. Saunders), he likes cemeteries and wizards, so it was a natural progression to drift between fantasy and horror like a drunk man weaving in and out of traffic.

He doesn't leave the shed since his wife, his number one fan, hobbled him. She does, however, let him blog at, where updates and samples of published work can be found. Also, try following his author page on Facebook (

Praise for Craig Saunders:

[A Home by the Sea] 'Brutal and poetic, like good horror fiction should be...' - Bill Hussey, author of Through a Glass, Darkly

[Spiggot] 'Incredibly tasteless, shamelessly lowbrow, and very, very funny!' - Jeff Strand, author of Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to "Shirley")

[Rain] 'I'd say it's the best book I've read in a year.' - The Horror Zine

'Stephen King with a touch of Cardiff dirt and a lot of London grime.' - Richard Rhys Jones, author of 'The Division of the Damned'.

'A talent to keep an eye on.' - Eric S Brown, author of Bigfoot War

"A top-notch, thrilling read. Craig Saunders is a master of the genre." Iain Rob Wright author of Animal Kingdom and Final Winter

"With A Stranger's Grave, Saunders has written a truly dark, atmospheric and character driven tale, packed with page-turning mystery, sorrow, and a jaw-dropping reveal that will leave readers haunted long after they've gone to bed." --David Bernstein, author of Machines of the Dead and Amongst the Dead


  1. Craig Saunders sounds like a very exciting author. I like the idea of horror blending with fantasy. That seems to be a trend now, the blending of genres and I think it's wonderful to extend the boundaries. I prefer quiet horror myself. Nice blog spot, Richard.

    1. Thank you Paula. I've found Craig's work to be outstanding. His style draws you into the story with very little fuss. I'm confident you wouldn't be disappointed. I've always enjoyed your Tuesday's Tale of Terror.