Countdown to Halloween: Iain Rob Wright

It's day six with twenty four to go before the full moon is drenched in blood as fall harvests its latest victims.  Today's spotlight is on Iain Rob Wright and his latest release, Housemates. You gotta read this one.


What at first appears to be a wonderful opportunity for Damien Banks turns out to be the worst nightmare he can imagine.

Trapped inside a house with eleven strangers, and a booming voice known only as ‘The Landlord’ controlling his every move, Damien will be forced to compete not only for the money, but for his life.


Click on the cover to get your copy.

A little about Iain: 
Published author and active member of the Horror Writers Association, Iain Rob Wright was born in 1984 and lives in the United Kingdom, with his loopy cocker spaniel, Oscar, his fat old cat, Jess, and his beautiful wife, Sally. Writing is the passion that fills his life during the small periods of time when he isn't cleaning up after his pets.
He is currently one of the UK's most successful horror writers and his current novels include the critically acclaimed, THE FINAL WINTER, the deeply disturbing bestseller, ASBO, and the satirical screamfest, THE HOUSEMATES.
He will soon be releasing the first book in an exciting action-thriller series; featuring acerbic protagonist, Sarah Stone, and her ongoing mission to stop a terrorist threat.
Check out Iain's official website for freebies, news, and updates at: or add him on facebook where he would be glad to meet you.

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