Countdown to Halloween: S.D. Hintz

We have reached day 18 with 12 more to go. If you like you prose raw and vivid, then take a peek at our next special guest S.D. Hintz and his latest release, Tales From an Undertaker.

In the vein of Tales from the Crypt, undertaker Hayden Alcuin guides us through his funeral home of nightmares.

A publishing house hires a zombie temp service. A boy fights over his dead dog with a graveyard ghost. An unholy grail brews youth in exchange for death. A ghost town haunts a man with the Old West. An evil undertaker kills townspeople for his personal cosmetic use. A pirate returns to a harbor for his demonic treasure. A mailman leaves death threats that he carries out. And many other nightmarish tales.

“Vivid, kick-ass horror - just plain recommended.”
-- John Shirley, author of A Song Called Youth

“S.D. Hintz delivers a gruesome bumper crop.”
-- Scott Nicholson, author of After: The Shock

“S.D. Hintz…creates a nightmare any child (young and old) dreads.”
-- Simon Wood, author of Terminated

“Don’t expect pretty phrases from S. D. Hintz. No. The prose – raw and vivid – spits at you like a carbine. What you can expect is to be shocked and horrified … and desperately intrigued.”
-- Robert Dunbar, author of The Wood

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S.D. Hintz is a published author and CEO/Editor-in-Chief of KHP Publishers, Inc. He currently resides in Minnesota with his wife and two children.

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