Countdown to Halloween: Tim McWhorter

You know that moment in a horror movie when everything starts coming together and the climax looms? Well we're quickly approaching that point in the countdown.  Imagine that, it's now day 26, with but 4 more to go before that fateful night. And who do I find lurking in the shadowy corners? None other than Tim McWhorter and his latest release Shadows Remain.

1987. Broken Tree, MN. On a warm autumn night, a scream erupts from the old cemetery, shattering the innocence of three young boys and sending a family fleeing from a once-quiet small town. Now, twenty-five years later and with his wife and young son in tow, Adam Bishop has returned to the town his parents swept him away from after that fateful night. He is confident that what happened in the past will stay there. But, sometimes the years do little to diminish the shadows cast by tragedies we think we’ve left behind. And the old shadows are simply waiting for our return. So when his son comes home from school talking about the ghost of a boy who resides in the very cemetery where the unspeakable tragedy took place, Adam finds that he can’t leave well enough alone. Soon Adam discovers that, although you can indeed go home again, it’s not always a good idea...

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There is very little to be found online about our latest guest. But I did manage to locate a very brief bio at his blog Never is a Myth.

I'm a struggling writer who sometimes does more struggling than writing. I started late in the game, but I am now determined to be who I was supposed to be until the clock hits 0:00. I enjoy reading, sports, spending time with my family and dreaming about sunshine.

Don't forget, the 2013 Coffin Hop is still very much alive and kicking.
As part of the Coffin Hop I will be giving away one copy of the Coffin Hop anthology:
Death by Drive In  

In addition to the above prize, over half of the authors who have been featured during my Halloween countdown, have agreed to help me create a very special prize package for one lucky winner.  A library filled with the following ebooks.

Lori R Lopez:                    Heartbeat and An Ill Wind Blows
Leigh M Lane:                   Finding Poe Kindle gift only. 
Matthew Tait:                   Dark Meridian
W. H. Pugmire:                 TBD
Robert S Wilson:               Fading In Darkness
Greg F Gifune:                  The Living and The Dead     
T. W. Brown:                      Dead: The Ugly Beginning
Billie Sue Mosiman:           Sinister
Sara Brooke:                     The Bed
Anthony Seravante:           Keepsake
Kat Yares:                         The XIII
Max Booth III:                   Black
S.D. Hintz:                        Tales From An Undertaker
Robert Dunbar:                 Vortex
Armand Rosamila:             Winners choice.

That's Fourteen titles and counting. I have not heard back from all 23 authors I've  featured to date so the list will be updated as they get back with me. To enter simply comment on this or any of the other posts about the coffin hop. And please share the holiday joy by visiting the other participants of the hop whose links are located at the bottom of the page.