Countdown to Halloween: W. H. Pugmire

Here we are at day sixteen and what Halloween countdown would be complete without a visit from an author who has devoted his life to reinterpreting the writings of one of the most brilliant weird fiction authors of all time, Howard Philip Lovecraft. That's right, Willum Hopfrog Pugmire has entered the countdown, and his latest release from Dark Regions Press, Gathered Dust and Others.

With his first collection from Dark Regions Press, W. H. Pugmire continues his radical and obsessive reinterpretations of H. P. Lovecraft's brilliant fiction. Among the book's original pieces is the title story, "Gathered Dust," a sequel to J. Vernon Shea's "The Haunter of the Graveyard." Set in Arkham, this tale of utter strangeness concerns the legacy of Randolph Carter and a monstrous burying ground where the phantoms of the past linger so as to feed upon the living. In "Depths of Dreams and Madness" we journey to Pugmire's Sesqua Valley, wherein we find Lovecraft's artist, Richard Upton Pickman and Robert E. Howard's mad poet, Justin Geoffrey, tainted by the valley's supernatural lunacy. With "These Deities of Rarest Air," Pugmire continues his exploration of the prose-poem/vignette sequence, in a work that deliciously evokes the mystic aura of not only Lovecraft but Clark Ashton Smith as we ll. With artful decadence and a pen dipped into the dark fin-de-si├Ęcle poetry of Oscar Wilde and Charles Baudelaire, Pugmire celebrates his beloved genre of fantastic fiction with works that only his cracked skull could conceive. Jeffrey Thomas has provided a provocative Introduction.

Dark Regions Press presents Gathered Dust and Others by W.H. Pugmire as part of Dark Regions Digital. Browse all of our digital titles by searching for "dark regions digital" or "dark regions press."

"Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire is the prose-poet of the horror/fantasy field; he may be the best prose-poet we have." - S. T. Joshi

"In my opinion, he's the best living writer of Lovecraftiana." - Toren Atkinson, of the band Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

"Sometimes subtle, sometimes as blunt as a rosewood coffin, Pugmire's stories are always emotional. Drawing from his own rather bizarre life, it's often difficult to separate the facts from the fiction, even for those who presume to know him." - Ken Abner, editor of Terminal Frights

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Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, Esq., is the author of many books of weird fiction in the Poe/Lovecraft tradition. He is seen in the current author's photo with S. T. Joshi at the Lovecraft plaque at Brown University--both Pugmire and Joshi contributed to the fund that helped to pay for the placement of this memorial to the genius of H. P. Lovecraft. Joshi has served as editor for many of Pugmire's collections of weird fiction, including the hardcover omnibus from Centipede Press, THE TANGLED MUSE, and the new collection from Hippocampus Press, UNCOMMON PLACES.
Wilum Pugmire is an obsess'd H. P. Lovecraft fan-boy, and his obsession has resulted in his writing book after book of weird fiction in the Lovecraft tradition. The finest of his books is SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT, a collection of prose-poems and vignettes each of which was inspired by Lovecraft's sonnet sequence, Fungi from Yuggoth. His second-best book is UNCOMMON PLACES, recently publish'd by Hippocampus Press, containing mostly prose-poems, the literary form that best expresses Pugmire's decadent poetic soul.
Miskatonic River Press will be releasing Pugmire's collection of tales of Nyarlathotep, THE STRANGE DARK ONE, at the end of 2012. In 2013, Dark Regions Press will published as limited trade hardcover the book of Lovecraftian tales that he composed with Jeffrey Thomas, ENCOUNTERS WITH ENOCH COFFIN, a book of all-new works (no reprints) for which Pugmire has penned a number of new novelettes set in Lovecraft's mythical towns of Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich and Kingsport.
Pugmire is nearly completed with the writing of his next book for Arcane Wisdom Press, BOHEMIANS OF SESQUA VALLEY, a collection of novelettes in the Cthulhu Mythos tradition. He has just agreed to write a third book for Dark Regions Press, and plans to make it a book-length collection of weird fiction inspir'd by the Life and Works of Oscar Wilde. Plans are to release the yet untitled book in 2014.
Wilum is the Queen of Eldritch Horror.



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