Counting down to Halloween: Robert Dunbar

I'm counting down the days until Halloween by sharing the latest releases of some of my favorite authors.

First up is Robert Dunbar and his latest release, Vortex.

Dark currents flow beneath the surface... powerful, deadly... ancient. Monsters churn the deep waters of the soul.

Vampires and werewolves, sea hags and witches, even the Jersey Devil - the monsters teeming in our subconscious minds are with us always. "VORTEX: Essays from a Sea of Nightmares" by Robert Dunbar (author of "THE PINES" and "THE SHORE") explores the origins of some of mankind's oldest folklore... and the influence of that lore on literature, film and popular culture.


"One of the best authors working in dark literature today."
~ Literary Mayhem
"A literary craftsman, a stylist."
~ Shroud Magazine

"Unconventional and totally unique."
~ Nights & Weekends

"Easily one of the best dark fiction writers around."
~ Heart of Horror

"The catalyst for the new literary movement in horror."
~ Dark Scribe Magazine 

ROBERT DUNBAR is the author of several novels and a collection of short stories, and his essays about literature and film have appeared in numerous publications. For more information, visit his site at

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