First self-publishing MA offers DIY education

I just stumbled across the link to the following article in the Guardian on The Passive Voice and it got me to thinking. If you were going to spend the money for an MA in self-publishing, wouldn't it make more sense to spend that money on an MFA? Or for that matter as a self-publisher, why not spend it on editing services, cover design, or even advertising.

Excerpted from The Guardian:
The University of Central Lancashire has announced the launch of what it describes as the world's first degree in self-publishing.

The MA will begin in September, and course leader Debbie Williams believes it will help "legitimise" self-publishing. "Things have definitely changed. In the last two years, self-publishing has stopped being a dirty word, and is a legitimate option for authors," she said. "Even the biggest authors are looking at it now."

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 Do you believe an MA in self-publishing would be beneficial?

Would the possession of an MA in self-publishing set you apart in the readers eyes from other self-publishers?

Would that legitimize your work in the eyes of organizations such as the (HWA) Horror Writers Association?  or perhaps the (SFWA) Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America? Maybe the (MWA)  Mystery Writers of America?

Perhaps permitting you to join as a full voting member?

As self publishing grows, and as I've mentioned in the past, there are myriad organizations and business' that spring up practically overnight with the express purpose of separating the writer from his money.

Is this just the next evolutionary step in that process?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this. But please, let's be civil.

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