Fridays Frights: Chapel of Ease St Helena Island, SC

Some places don't look haunted at all. They lull you into a false sense of security with an innocent facade. Many other places scream haunted with a capital H. One such place is the Chapel of Ease on St Helena Island in South Carolina. While not a real church, a Chapel of ease provided a place to worship in isolated communities where it was not possible to travel to services at a parish church. As one of the earliest settlements in the United States, first established around 1540, nearly five hundred years of history are shrouded by towering oaks whose branches are draped by Spanish moss. 

Taking Lands End Rd off of state route 21 you will pass under the Hanging tree where runaway slaves were hung as a warning to the other slaves contemplating escape. It is said if you park under the tree at night and turn off your lights you will soon see the Lands End light as it races down the lane towards you. Many believe the light is the ghost of the slaves who had been hung from the tree while others believe it is the ghost of a Union soldier who lost his head during the Civil War.  

Just before the Hanging tree, on the left, lie the ruins of the Chapel of Ease. There have been reports of the sound of voices coming from within the walls. Some have claimed to have seen a woman in white carrying a baby as she wanders the grounds.    

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