Going Static

My goal was to post three times a week with Mondays given over to posts about my personal writing  process, Wednesdays I would share those books I'd discovered during searches of the internet for my personal library, and Fridays would be devoted to creepy places.

You know what they say about the best laid plans and how they often go awry.

As I write this I'm 35,000 words into the Parasite manuscript, part two of the Shadows of the Past series, with a proposed release date of Halloween 2014. I've another 20 - 30 thousand words to go before the first draft is ready for rewrites. Tomorrow I'm going to try to whittle off another 10,000 words as it is the last day of my four day weekend.

In addition to Parasite I'm also working on a series of interlaced stories woven around the world twenty years after the Zombie Apocalypse. The stories will center on a place called Bordertown that appeared in my short "Don't Mess With The Pizza Guy," and will feature the main character from that story, Meat. Born during the Zombie Apocalypse his mother named him Meat. In her mind that was pretty much his future.

Taken in by a man he learned to call Dad his life was a roller coaster of ups and downs as they struggled to survive. Eventually they found Bremo Bluff and became a part of the growing community there. While others were focused on surviving Meat developed an interest in the history of the country that now lay in shambles and with two of his friends he set out to save the country's past.

I'd like to have the first set of Bordertown Tales ready by Christmas. Three to four stories centered around the main character and the place he calls home, packaged under one cover.

There are a number of other projects clamoring for my attention from short stories to novelettes that are crying out for me to work on them.

For the foreseeable future I will be devoting my time to my writing and letting this blog go static. I'll provide updates on my progress from time to time. To be honest I'm not a blogger, just a guy with a full time job and dreams that refuse to go quietly into the night.

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