2014 Halloween Horror Author Countdown: Craig Saunders

Five days down with twenty five to go. If you're unfamiliar with his work you owe it to yourself check out today's featured author Craig Saunders, and his latest release Bloodeye.

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Synopsis: Keane Reid is tired of living. He's bored with his very existence following the suspicious death of his wife seven years earlier. He's not interested in TV, reading, dating or a social life.

But when he is called on a routine plumbing job at a local pub, he discovers the corpse of a young girl crucified and nailed to a wall, her eyes torn out and a third eye carved into her forehead. Keane has seen this mark before, and soon his life is thrust between the present and past, reality and fantasy, darkness and light.

As Keane loses his grip on sanity, a long-forgotten shadow begins whispering to him once again, ushering him toward the void, where the ghosts of his past reside, waiting to show him what truly lies behind the veil.

About the Author:

'Plain and simple, this guy can write.' - Edward Lorn, author of Bay's End.

[Deadlift] 'Noir-like, graphic novel-like horror/thriller/awesomeness.' - David Bernstein, author of Relic of Death and Witch Island.

Craig Saunders is the author of many novels and novellas, including Rain and The Estate, and the forthcoming DarkFuse titles Bloodeye and Flesh and Coin. He writes horror and fantasy for fun and humour when he's feeling serious, which isn't often.

He lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and three children, likes nice people and good coffee. Find out more at: www.craigrsaunders.blogspot.com, www.facebook.com/craigrsaundersauthor, or, @Grumblesprout

Also, for fantasy fans, Craig runs a blog dedicated to all things Rythe:

Praise for Craig Saunders:

'A master of the genre.' Iain Rob Wright.

[A Home by the Sea] 'Brutal and poetic, like good horror fiction should be...' - Bill Hussey, author of Through a Glass, Darkly

[The Estate] 'A tale that you are unlikely to forget in a long time.' DLS Reviews/top 50 Amazon Reviewer.

[Rain] 'I'd say it's the best book I've read in a year.' - The Horror Zine

[Spiggot] 'Incredibly tasteless, shamelessly lowbrow, and very, very funny.' - Jeff Strand.

[A Stranger's Grave]...a truly dark, atmospheric and character driven tale, packed with page-turning mystery, sorrow, and a jaw-dropping reveal...' - David Bernstein, author of Relic of Death and Witch Island.

[The Estate] 'A horror novel full of emotion and heart.' Jim McLeod, Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Coming Soon:
Flesh and Coin
Masters of Blood and Bone
Left to Darkness
Unit 731

As Craig R. Saunders:
Beneath Rythe

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