Fridays 5 with Matt Converse

At his core San Francisco native Matt Converse is a horror writer whose inspiration ranges from Stephen King to Alfred Hitchcock, to Lady Gaga. It was his desire to bring diversity to the publishing world that led him to become the first author at Comet Press to release an erotic gay thriller, BEHIND THE VELVET CURTAIN.

1.) When did you first get serious about writing?

A.)   About two years ago.  I had a horror novel in the making of about 40,000 words and brought it up to 65,000 words and queried for agents.  In the meantime, I wrote a few short stories, also horror, and then a novella that slightly veered out of my horror genre.  It was an erotic gay thriller.  It didn't take nearly as long to write as the novel, but I told my friends, I bet this sells first.  Why?  Sex sells.  A few months later I got my first yes, and sure enough it was for the erotic novella.  My first short story I wrote in 4th grade, about a kid who slept walk to a graveyard, only to find his name on the headstone.  A bit dark for a nine year old, and my teacher accused me of copying it from a TV series or movie.  I took that as quite the compliment!

2.) What is the hardest part for you about writing?

A.)   Getting "unstuck".  Those times when you just can't seem to write, even though there's no concrete reason you can't.  The cure is simple: butt in chair, now write.  Write anything, even if it's terrible.  The inspiration eventually comes.  Some have said promoting of their book.  I have found that part fun and in fact has turned this lazy daydreamer into a workaholic.  Who knew?   

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Synopsis: Matt Jaxx is a sexy stripper who develops a fast following, but one of them turns scary stalker. Along the way he way he meets Justin and it's lust at first sight, both doing things they'd only fantasized about. Right when he seems to have it all, his stalker reappears, revealing his twisted agenda. It's a fast, fun, sexy, scary tale.

3.) How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?

A.)  First completed project was a great deal of satisfaction.  First published project was another story.  What is the right word? Hysterical.  I couldn't believe I got a reply that didn't start with "Thank you for submitting..." and instead started with "We absolutely loved Behind the Velvet Curtain."  A contract was attached.  I was over the moon.  After countless attempts, I finally got that yes.  The stories are true.  Keep writing and keep submitting, each no is one step closer to that yes.

4.) What is more important to you, story, or character? Why?

A.)   It's impossible to separate, but character driven books sell better.  A good book has to have both, interesting characters the readers care about, and an interesting story.  I love getting into what makes a character tick.

5.) What is a typical day like in your world?

A.)    I usually start the day going to my computer and promoting my novella on Facebook, twitter and wherever else I can.  Then I have breakfast and after that espresso.  I might exercise for an hour or go for a walk.  I live in San Francisco, so there isn't much bad weather to worry about when it comes to that.  My writing I always do at night.  I'm a night owl and I think that goes well with being a horror writer.  I sip espresso and listen to music when I write.  It was Lady Gaga for the novella I have out now as it is about a stripper who dances to her music.  When I work on the horror novel, it's Depeche Mode for a darker mood.  Sometimes I do fun interviews, which I really enjoy.  Being an author is a pretty cool gig, I've never been happier and the other authors, reviewers, and readers have been fantastic and so supportive.  It's a great community we have.

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