Monday Motivational: 25 Ways to be a Happy Writer

Nearly every writer reaches a point in their career where they wonder if anybody out there is even listening to them. Especially now that self publishing is easier than ever before, and the market has become flooded with material. Sales become nonexistent and they begin to believe that maybe they should have listened to their Uncle Morty and gotten involved in Real Estate instead.

It is at this point that the wheat is separated from the chaff. The real writer finds motivation from within and can answer the following question only one way.

If I wasn't a writer I'd __________!

If your desire to write is an integral part of who you are, not writing would be akin to removing a limb. It can be tough but in every career there are ups and downs, sometimes the downs can seem like they will never end, but they will. Many times that change comes not from a sudden increase in sales, but from a change in the writer's attitude.

We've all seen the meme floating around out there, 25 ways to be a happy writer.

  1. Write!
  2. Care less!
  3. Write what you want to write!
  4. Bring yourself to the page!
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others!
  6. Open yourself!
  7. Set realistic goals!
  8. Recognize the lengths of your control!
  9. Gaze not into publishing's demon eye!
  10. Don't give haters real estate in your brain
  11. Stop looking at your Amazon ranking!
  12. Give yourself permission to suck!
  13. Deal with your problems!
  14. When something isn't working, change it!
  15. Take care of your body!
  16. Don't worry about money! (Hard to do at times)
  17. Recognize the limits of shame!
  18. Treat your audience well!
  19. Nurture other writers!
  20. See failure as a learning experience! 
  21. Make no excuses!
  22. Look for long-term satisfaction over short-term happiness!
  23. Let your voice find you!
  24. Love some part of what you do!
  25. Finish your work!
 I would add make writing a part of your life, not your whole life!

Is there anything you'd add?


  1. That's a great list. I'm repeating #25 to myself this week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you've found the list helpful.

  2. Replies
    1. If you want to be read, of course. I'm sure we all have those stories that refuse to give us an ending. I've a couple myself.