Fridays 5 with Renee Lake

I am a plus size woman from Utah who loves bats, cats, Halloween, things that go bump in the night, mythology and reading. I am a mother, a wife, a pagan and very liberal. I love reading and writing above all things.

1.) When did you first get serious about writing?

A.) About five years ago

2.) What is the hardest part for you about writing?

A.)  Getting published and having people actually read your books.

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Synopsis: Princess Cneajna of Transylvania didn’t expect to be brought back from death’s door by an ancient Pagan Goddess. She certainly never asked to be made into an immortal witch. All she wanted was to live out her life the wife of Vlad the Impaler and mother of his two sons. However, now she has a new life, and with it comes the impossible task of breaking a centuries old curse placed on the women of her family. A curse that drives each one insane. To make matters even more complicated this is a family she didn’t even know she was related to: The Bathory’s.

3.) How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?

A.) Success, like "Finally! I finished a book, I wrote a whole book!" Oh, and tired.

4.) What is more important to you, story, or character? Why?

A.) Oooh, both are SO important, but character. I find that if you write a likeable enough, interesting enough character and the plot line lacks a bit the reader will still enjoy being with that character.

5.) What is a typical day like in your world?

A.)  Wake up, take care of my son, write, watch Dr Who, clean. Three days a week I go to work, but the rest I do homework with two little girls, make dinner and spend the evening writing or with my husband. Sometimes there is pie or vodka....I like those times.

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