Monday Motivational: The myth of the insant bestsellers!

Is there really such a thing as an instant bestseller?

I doubt it. When you peel back the top layer of the past of anyone who has experienced bestsellerdom what you usually find is a life of persistent hard work, dedication, and of course any number of failures that they sprang back from.

It's not just restricted to the writing world.

In every endeavor from the business world, arts, and even sports, when we see someone who has achieved the pinnacle of success, what we are seeing is the end result of a life focused on greatness.

Understanding this, and believing that your success is out there, is the single driving force that keeps us focused on our goals. 

The ones you don't hear about are those who gave up before they achieved success. 

So just remember, as you plow ahead into an uncertain future. This could be your day. Or tomorrow, or the day after, but you'll never know unless you keep going. 


  1. I read something from the guy who did the Percy Jackson books about his journey to 'overnight success'. It was interesting to hear about the hardships and long nights.

    1. I'm sure there's thousands of stories like that.