HHAC 2016 Angela L Lindseth

Angela L. Lindseth grew up in South Dakota on the family homestead. She has a geological engineering degree and a journeyman electrician license; however, thanks to her beautiful sister, Angela is writing full time.
She's completed her first book, Tower of Earth, a young adult fantasy adventure, the first in the Towers of Rejaque series. She writes a wide variety of flash fiction, including speculative, horror, and retrospective, some of which make her question her sanity. For a taste of her work visit Panopoly, Five 2 One, and her Facebook author page.
Angela has two handsome boys, a cat named Rex, and a beagle named River, who is the love of her life. 

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Sanity’s Threshold is not for the faint of heart. It tiptoes along the extreme and delves into the paranormal, the horror, the dark, and the weird. It harnesses your imagination and leaves you questioning the slivers of your twisted mind.
This short fiction/short story collection is for the lovers of dark realism, suspense, and the scary. Kids Come First details a woman's nurture for the alien creatures growing in her belly. Supernova speculates the demise of our planet. Mind Rot speaks of the disasters of chemical experimentation. Enjoy nearly thirty additional enthralling and stimulating pieces.
Flash fiction, dribbles, drabbles, and sudden fiction have been gaining popularity and requires concise story telling and extreme brevity.

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