HHAC 2016 John Cummings

I was born in Bangor, Maine and much of my childhood was spent growing up in a trailer park in Hermon with my three other siblings. We were all Homeschooled, so I never experienced a “traditional” education – heck, I’ve never even stepped foot in a High School before! (ha) I’ve always sort of wanted to go walk around inside one just to see it all firsthand, but as I keep getting older while working on my Master’s Degree (Engineering Physics), the more I think it would be weird… But I digress.

On the topic of writing, I’ve always seen it to be the purest form of self-expression and or, in general, the ability to explore any idea possible. We can take a single idea, or maybe even a version of our personality, and use that as the proverbial spark to create an entirely new character or fictional world to work in. It all starts and ends with our imagination. For me, writing started during my teen years as a way to escape my less-than-ideal reality and explore the torrent of crazy emotions we feel inside at that age. As I got older my writing most certainly matured, but one aspect of it never changed, in that I always strive to express emotions of things I know personally. Kind of fits with the ol’ saying, “Write what you know.” 

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In the End is a fantasy novel told over three parts, each focusing around a different character's perspective in a world quickly going astray. History is set to repeat itself as a long-since-defeated evil has once again set events into motion which will bring the Mortal Realm to the brink of annihilation. In a race against time, an elite veteran from wars past, Erianthia, is tasked with stopping a mysterious cult that actively serves their dark master's return by opening a portal to the dreaded Rusted World.
An amalgamation of elemental magic and darkness, the Rusted World was brought into creation thousands of years ago as a means to harness lost, ancient powers. However, with its unnatural birth, the Mortal Realm was thrust into instability and the link between these realms was sealed away by the Chaos Mages – an order of beings which travel between all the realms to ensure the eternal balance of all creation remains undisturbed.
With the threat of the Rusted World looming and a sinister darkness growing among the ruins of the once-great Kingdom of Sealestra, the Chaos Mages have returned to the Mortal Realm to investigate. Though, their arrival may just be a little too late as the end is coming, and His champion shall rise...

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