Lergion of the Damned: Excerpt

Legion of the Damned

Dreadland Chronicles Book III

The horrors of the past meet the brutality of the present as four young 
boys come of age while exploring a post apocalyptic world.

There should be others with him, he thought as he rolled over onto his back to find three women cowering in the opposite corner of the cage. Their clothes were torn and dirty, the result of the celebration his captors had thrown the night before, coming to the cage sitting far from the warming flames of the fire, taking each woman in turn back to the group where their screams vocalized the brutality that was visited upon them.

He had watched helplessly as each of the women was taken from the cage, powerless to do anything to help, consoling himself with the lone bottle of whiskey he’d found in his pack. 

One of them whimpered as Billie-Bob tried to sit up, fireworks of pain igniting within his head as his hand slipped in the liquid covering the floor of the cage. They were moving south as the morning sun breached the eastern horizon, spreading its warming glow across the countryside. His teeth chattered as he sat up, and he hugged himself to conserve what warmth remained in his body.

It was then he spotted the forth woman lying on her belly beside him. Her dress was torn, her bare back exposed to the elements as it rose and fell with shallow breaths. Her head was turned towards him, one arm covering half of her face as she chewed at her wrist. Blood stained her cheeks, crusting the tip of her nose as she worked diligently, gnawing at her own flesh. Her eyes burned with despair, unseeing, focused on a point somewhere that existed only in her mind. Blood flowed from beneath her arm, and Billie-Bob realized then that it was her blood that covered parts of his body.

He looked down at his blood covered arms, the shoulder of his shirt soaked through. He reached for her, wanting to stop her, but she shrank away from his hand as her gnawing intensified.

A gout of blood splattered against the wooden front of their prison, she had succeeded in severing the main artery in her wrist, enduring a pain he could only begin to imagine as she sought out the comfort death could provide. Her wrist fell away from her blood crusted lips as the waning light of her life fled from her eyes.

She had escaped the despair that awaited all of them, but in so doing had placed them in mortal danger. Billie-Bob had never been this close to someone when they died, and he watched in fascinated horror as a mottled gray color quickly spread across her exposed flesh. A growl came from deep within her chest as she pulled her arms under her body, and struggled to lift herself from the floor. Fabric tore as she pushed herself up, and her dress fell away from the mottled flesh of her body. He felt no desire at her nakedness, only revulsion, tempered with fear.

Ever so slowly she turned her head to look at him, her blood crusted lips pulled back to reveal bloodied teeth as she ran her tongue along them. The women in the corner behind him whined as the woman pushed herself up to her knees and turned to face them with cataract coated eyes.

To be continued! 

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All Roads Lead To Terror

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The horrors of the past meet the brutality of the present as four young boys come of age while exploring a post apocalyptic world.

On the day of his birth the dead walked and society crumbled. His mother took one look at him and pronounced him Meat. He survived, she didn't.

Fourteen years have passed and obscurity means survival in an increasingly dangerous world. For the survivors compound at Bremo Bluff that obscurity is threatened when a savage band abducts a group of children from the compound.

Accompanied by his three friends Window, Einstein, and Billie-Bob, Meat embarks on a quest to rescue the children. A journey that will lead them into adulthood, with a brief detour through the Dreadlands, as they confront the harsh reality of a brutal world beyond the barriers that had served to protect them.

In the dead city of Richmond Meat and his friends will confront a savage cult of children who worship a creature of the night. These creatures, once considered the nightmare imaginings of a fevered mind, are now awake in a world where the population that once served as their food source has been severely reduced.

Awake and very, very, hungry.

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