Legion of the Damned Excerpt

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Falling to his hands and knees he struggled to catch his breath as the cold that had invaded him drained away into the concrete floor beneath him. The image of the stranger was still fixed in his mind as Window became aware of his surroundings, starting with the ever present stench of death that seemed to permeate everything. The floor beneath his hands was coarse, filthy, stained with a dark substance, a black splotch in the faint light filtering through the slats of the building around him.

To his right was a table, half hidden in shadows, cobwebs gathered among the legs, moving gently in a soft breeze coming from somewhere on his left. Crawling to the table he reached up with one hand to pull himself up, but he jerked his hand back when it came into contact with a cold, gelatinous, substance that stained his flesh black. Instead he used the legs to pull himself to his feet, and stood unsteadily for a moment as his head throbbed. From the shadows around him came the faint sound of distant footsteps that sparked a momentary panic. Like the sound of a stone skipping across the surface of a silent pond, the footsteps faded in and out of focus in the deep shadows that surrounded him.

He was right there, on the other side of that thin veil separating mankind from the insanity that waited just beyond view. He felt his presence, and all he had to do was reach through to pull him back across.

The thought sent Window staggering back. He stumbled into something hanging from the ceiling that moved in response to his touch. It bumped into his back as the soft sound of steel rubbing against steel came form the darkness above his head.  He spun around and saw the torso of a body hanging from a steel hook. 

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Hell was coming to Paradise!

In a remote desert world that bore little semblance to their own, the boys corner and kill Nickoli. Unfortunately the act fails to release Window from his curse, and they discover that a much higher price must be paid to free him.

Struggling to silence the voices from his past, Billie-Bob’s drinking results in his capture by the family of cannibals he once escaped from. This time he is taken to Paradise, a small compound along one of the many tributaries leading to the Chesapeake Bay. For those who lived there it was truly a paradise on earth, for its captives it was a different story as they were reduced to nothing more than livestock to feed a growing population.

While following the trail left by Billie-Bob’s captors, Meat, Window and Einstein come upon the shattered remnants of the church that had given them shelter on their trek north. Many of the church’s inhabitants had perished in the attack, but most of the children had been able to escape. They join the boys on their journey south to rescue Billie-Bob, and exact their vengeance on those who had shattered their peaceful existence.

Hell was coming to Paradise, and there would be no denying its vengeance.

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Dreadland Chronicles

There are worlds beyond our own, existing for purposes outside of our understanding, where gods roam unfettered by the earthly restraints placed upon us. Where right is wrong, where the laws of physics have been turned upon their ear, and not everything that goes up, comes back down. Places where magic rules, and technology is but a faint memory from a distant past.

Fourteen years ago a cataclysm shook the realms of this multiverse as a rising tide of evil rose up to battle those in power. Many of the worlds ceased to exist in the blink of an eye. On our world the dead walked, bringing society to its knees. The technology we had taken for granted stopped working as a new dark age filtered across the land. An age of unrestrained brutality where the only law was the firepower one carried, and the only hope was for a quick death followed by a dreamless sleep.

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