This week in Horror 12/20/2017

Blood in the Woods - J.P. Willie

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Synopsis: For Jody, growing up in the late eighties and early nineties in the small Louisiana town of Hammond with his best friend Jack was filled with wonderful childhood memories.

Time spent playing in the woods, shooting pellet guns, blowing up mailboxes, fighting at school and upon the dawning of interest in the fairer sex, their carefree lives typical of children with few responsibilities and no worries beyond the next pop-quiz or getting to second base.

As they grow older together and experience the joys and pains of life, love, family and friendship, they uncover a grim secret that their home town has kept, and through little more than an innocent, idle curiosity, Jody and Jack stumble upon something horrific in the woods and their lives quickly take a most sinister and dangerous turn as they find themselves hunted by an unspeakable evil...

Seven Seconds - Lisa Compton

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Synopsis: Olivia Osborne is a forensic psychologist and former FBI agent who is blessed (or cursed, depending on who you ask) with unique gifts. Olivia is able to sense what others cannot--the spiritual presence of those who have "crossed over," as well as the living who are influenced, or in some cases possessed, by evil. The passing of her beloved Gran was the catalyst Olivia needed to leave the FBI behind and return to her native San Antonio, Texas. But a familiar evil has followed on her heels. When a series of brutal murders rock her city, Olivia is pulled into the investigation despite her plans to leave that part of her life behind. What if she isn't supposed to run? What if she was always supposed to stand and fight?

Her Suffering - John Athan

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Synopsis: The life of Julie Knight, an eighteen-year-old waitress, crumbles after she's sexually assaulted by a malevolent entity—an invisible intruder. She attempts to hide the first attack, shrugging it off as a nightmare, but then the inexplicable attacks increase in frequency and intensity. Reina Knight, Julie's single mother, attempts to help her by staying by her side and enlisting the aid of doctors, but Julie's agony refuses to end...

Is Julie's suffering the result of a severe mental illness? Or has an incubus targeted her from the supernatural realm? Can Reina end her daughter's suffering before Julie is consumed by her agony?

The Spiders Children - Leah R Cutter

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Synopsis: The corn husk doll Lizzie always carries has promised to teach Lizzie about power. Maybe even enough to grant all her wishes.

Lizzie just wants Pa to smile again. And maybe for Ma to get well. As for her brother being less mean, well, even a magic wish might not be strong enough for that.

But the doll refuses to teach Lizzie NOW, though her need is mighty.

While the spider...the spider also promises to teach Lizzie about power. Today. The spider just wants a home for her and her children.

This historic horror story delves into wild magic and strange relationships, as well as the consequences of wishes coming true. Be prepared to shiver, then be haunted by "what ifs".

The Dead Undone - Ellie Douglas

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A buried secret has woken and it is hungrier than ever…
Something whispers in the shadows…
Something screams in the dead of night...

Nurse Willa Galton doesn’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal. She never has. But when things start to happen to her, and the others within Tui Asylum, her disbelief in the supernatural is challenged in ways she’s never experienced before.

Willa watches as her world unceremoniously perishes before her very eyes. Determined that she will not let her world die, she leads a team into a dark and dangerous battle.

Faced with a nightmare so raw and so real, they wonder if they have what it will take to defeat the evil on their doorstep.

Willa and her team chop, smash, hammer, stab, shoot and even burned the monsters beyond recognition…but some just don’t stay dead. Why?!

Follow Willa and her team on a perilous journey that takes them on a path of righting a world turned inside out.

If you thought sleeping was safe…think again.

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