Free Read Friday: E is for Everett Park

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E is for Everett Park

Part  4

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Tina’s cry became a heart wrenching wail of terror as Arnold folded the baby doll’s rubbery head into one hand, grasping the body with the other, his eyes never left mine as he slowly decapitated the baby doll. Tina dropped to her knees to retrieve the two pieces of her precious doll, holding them close to her chest as she whispered to them, comforting them in their moment of greatest pain.

Arnold’s gaze remained locked with mine, daring me to do something, anything. I felt it then, deep inside, deeper than where we lock away our most shameful secrets. Something primitive that stirred in response to the rage washing through me.

Tina had never done anything to Arnold, what right did he have to come in here and order us to leave. There was a moment when it felt like everything around me suddenly sped up for several seconds as that primal essence within roared to the surface. I’d done it before I even realized I was going to.

Arnold wasn’t expecting it, after all, he’d already beat down the toughest kid on the playground, he was secure in his belief that no one else would dare threaten him. It was a perfect left cross he didn’t see coming. 

One moment I was standing there, locked in a staring contest, the next he was turning to the right as my left arm snaked out of its own accord, my fist connecting with his jaw. His knees crumpled, and he dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes carelessly tossed aside.

Jeremy and William, who had led a small group over to witness Arnold’s cruelty, were stunned by this sudden turn of events. I was expecting them to jump in and beat me down, but they stood stock still, Arnold lying at their feet, their position tenuous at best. 

The children of the playground had grown restless under the iron boot of their tyranny and the scent of revolt was in the air. Sadly the revolt only lasted for that one punch, no one else took up the call. Jeremy and William, though shaken by Arnold’s sudden demise, quickly reestablished their place over the others.

They helped Arnold to his feet as he started to come around, those cruel green eyes burning with a smoldering rage that was directed entirely at me, and those with me. My left cross had been the opening and closing shot of the revolution, the balance of power was still firmly in their grasp, but now I knew it was going to become even worse for those of us relegated to the unpopular corner.

We had two options left to us, leave the playground entirely, or stay and fight. I just wanted it all to go away. Never before in my life had I ever wanted to take back what I’d done so badly. They would be gunning for us now, the triad of terror, and they would not be happy until they had destroyed us completely.

For a day or two things were relatively quite, our three nemeses kept their distance, we kept to our corner of the playground. The others would occasionally glance our way, or theirs. I knew this peace would not last long, it was the calm before a storm that had been brewing for some time now. Had I known then what the outcome would be I would have stayed away. When it happened it would be fast, and furious, and one of us was going to get seriously hurt.

To be continued!

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