My Apologies!

To those of you who have been following the short story G is for God is Dead, I'm sorry but I've hit a wall with the story and will not be continuing it. One of the hardest parts of writing is learning to recognize when something isn't working. With God is Dead, I've come to the conclusion that the story as it stands is not working for me. I've been forcing myself to keep writing, hoping I'd hit a part that inspired me, and helped to drive me forward.

It never happened.

I'm not giving up writing, no, I'm just throwing in the towel on this story.

I've signed with Severed Press for my WWII horror novella to be titled NOT OF US. And I'm in the process of working to secure an agent for my paranormal mystery CURSED.

I am still working on A CALL TO ARMS, book four of my post apocalyptic series, Dreadland Chronicles, that I want to get out before summer ends.

My short term goals for this year are to complete ASSIMILATION, book three of my Shadows of the Past trilogy, that I've been putting on the back burner for far too long now.

And THIS WAY TO HEAVEN, a special edition for the Dreadland Chronicles, that focuses on the cult of boys from ALL ROADS LEAD TO TERROR. The story will open on the eve of the awakening and proceed from that point to shortly before Meat, Window, and Billie-Bob confront them. I'm viewing it as a LORD OF THE FLIES with Zombies.

I will revisit G is for God is Dead, but there will be some major changes. Most notably will be the absence of the four boys from my post apocalyptic series. It'll be a good story once I settle on the proper location.

Nor am I giving up on my alphabet series of short stories. I'm just taking a step back and reassessing where I'm gong with my writing.

I'll keep you posted here, so check back from time to time, or better yet just follow my blog so you'll be notified when I update.

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