Welcome to my revamped blog.

I'm still in the process of changing things around, so be careful where you step, we don't want any accidents. I haven't updated my liability insurance.

I've updated the name to better represent the intent. Shadows to Stardust will feature new release announcements of horror and sci-fi books and movies, guest posts from authors and filmmakers, as well as the occasional review of books and films released in the genres that interest me.

At this time I am not open to reviews personally but I am looking for any number of people that would be interested in sharing their reviews on this site. At this time I cannot offer compensation for these reviews, it is something I hope to be able to change in the future, we'll see what happens.

I will be bringing back Free Read Friday, and  expanding it to other writers in the genres I focus on. If you have a book that falls under horror or sci-fi, and it's going to be free on a particular Friday, I'd like to know about it.

I've been a fan of science fiction and horror my entire life in both the written word and in movies. I remember Saturday night creature features with Count Gore Devaul, Featuring movies starring Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, and Vincent Price. Weird Tales, Creepy, and Eerie comics.  I can remember marveling at the stories from the likes of Asimov, Clarke, and Bradbury.

That is what I want to bring to this page. My nostalgic love of the heroes I grew up with, and those who dare to stand upon the shoulders of giants to bring us the latest in horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy.

So strap yourself in for what I hope will be a wild ride.