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Monday 04/15/2019

Liberation: Sian B. Claven

Evelyn was everything that Karen and Aubrey could ask for in an adopted daughter until she starts having the darkest of dreams, or perhaps they are the memories of her previous life that she seems to have forgotten.
Who was Evelyn in her past life? And why does it feel so bad?

Tuesday 04/16/2019

Rise of the Shadow Rogue: Mike Truk

Betrayal cuts deepest when someone you love wields the knife.

For Kellik, a once-rising star of Port Gloom's guild of thieves, it also leaves him floating in the bay, bleeding out and without hope or allies.

Saved by an urchin and healed by a disgraced saint, Kellik is consumed by a single desire: to find out why his guild master ordered him cut down moments after passing his initiation trial.

Burning with injustice Kellik recruits a number of gorgeous rogues to his side: fallen assassins, dark elf witches and unnervingly polite necromancers. Together they journey through the shadowy underbelly of Port Gloom in pursuit of bloody revenge, daring to face impossible odds and uncover the grim truth: not only the reason for the guild's unnatural monopoly on crime, but why his guild master might have been justified in ordering his death after all.

Warning and minor spoilers: this is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and nudity. People swear, betray their loved ones, set each other on fire, seduce each other, and are scared witless by abysmal horrors. Most importantly, you'll meet gorgeous, powerful women, some capable of twisting the very fabric of fate, others of tearing a man in half with their bare hands. All are willing to enter unconventional, polyamorous, harem relationships if it means helping Kellik achieve justice, and with this many powerful women on his side, he just might stand a chance.

Wednesday 04/17/2019

Monstrosity: Laura De Arce, Kevin Candela

When we were children, we dreamed of being heroes. We wanted to slay dragons and defeat the monsters that scared us.

As we grew older, we were forced to try and find our monsters. We had been told they would be easy to spot. Monsters had too much teeth, too much fur, too much size.

These were lies. We stopped wanting to be heroes. We started to want to be more, to be too much. We wanted, needed, more than the world could give us. We wanted more than what we were told we should be. We wanted to become monsters.

Dear reader,

I want three things for you as you read these stories. I hope you find a story that brings you joy. I hope you find a story that gives you some discomfort. Finally, I hope you find a story here that makes you too much, that makes you just a little bit monstrous.

May you be enthralled and entertained by my accounts of monsters... and may these stories help you wake up the monster inside.

Friday 04/19/2019

The Coldwater Haunting: Michael Richan

Ron lands the home of his dreams, isolated on a rural mountain, away from the noise and crowds of the city. With the house in need of repairs, he works on fixing it up before his wife and son join him. Unfortunately, the more he repairs, the more problems he uncovers.

During the day, he works on the mundane: septic system, plumbing, electrical wiring. But when the night comes and a deep darkness settles on the lonely property, a whole new set of troubles develop: scratching at the windows, the sound of footsteps on the stairs, shadowy figures in the yard. Threats. Attacks.

Ron comes to realize the house is unsafe — not because of the physical problems, but because of the unseen. He needs to rid the building of whatever evil has taken hold, but there’s one huge obstacle: he doesn’t believe in ghosts. He’s a total skeptic.
His friend Jake helps with the repairs. Jake is more willing to accept that the nightmarish apparitions in the house are real, and his girlfriend Freedom attempts to cleanse the house. Her methods backfire, so she leaves, frightened, refusing to return to the house. She demands Jake leave too, but Ron convinces Jake not to abandon him.

Desperate to solve the haunting, Jake ropes in others who claim to have “the gift,” but they all fail, unable to confront and outwit the evil inside the house. While Ron and Jake try to uncover the mystery, they go on a frightening journey, eventually coming to terms with the mountain’s troubled history. An ugly, brutal war waged between two families still consumes the area, and Ron’s house is caught in the middle of it.

The Coldwater Haunting is a ghost novel of over 100,000 words. It contains chilling scenes some may find disturbing. Advance readers report the book interfering with their dreams…

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