9 Dark Tales

Nine Dark Tales
From the Zombie apocalypse, to things that go bump in the night, nine short tales that will entertain you, make you think, and maybe even send a little chill whispering down your spine.

In The Shadows
Waking up from a coma Chuck discovers he has the ability to see into the secret life of the shadows around him and he quickly learns one's shadow reveals their true nature, for shadows cannot lie.  

Sarah has been kidnapped, but her kidnappers don't know about her coming divorce, and the possibility her husband might just use the kidnapping as a means to get rid of her. Stressed by her situation she is forced to face her past as old family secrets are hauled into the light. Help arrives from the other side, proving death is not the barrier many believe it to be. 

A seismic event in Antarctica uncovers an ancient secret about mans distant past. A group of scientists are dispatched and soon learn some things are better left undiscovered. This short story serves as the prologue for Adversary, the first book in the Shadows of the Past series.

A Family Tradition
Would you give up your firstborn child to save yourself? In the Valley of the Dead Oaks the barrier between life and death, between the past and  present, has the essence of a dream. It is a place where the dead do not die, promises are obligations that must be satisfied, and the way out may not be what it seems.

Till Death Do We Part
For Eddie the Zombie Apocalypse is just another blow in the long line of disappointments his life has become. Losing everything that ever mattered to him he is left with but one choice.

Perchance to Dream
Do the dead dream? Beverly was content with her life at the end of the lane, until she started seeing things and discovered that when you spend your days dying you have a lot of time to dream.

Don't Mess With The Pizza Guy
After the Zombie Apocalypse, as man works to regain his place in society, zombies are the least of his worries. 

Where The Dead Things Go
Sometimes we're given a second chance to apologize to a loved one after their untimely death.

Music of the Gods
So often we don't realize what we have until we've lost it.

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