Reprisal: Vengeance Knows No Boundary

Synopsis: She had a look that immediately put anyone she met at ease. Small of stature, with grandmotherly eyes. By the time her victims discovered the evil lurking behind that innocent facade, it was too late. 

Diagnosed at an early age with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is more commonly known as a split personality, Margaret could honestly say she had never been alone a single day of her life. Like two peas in a pod she shared her physical self with the other half of her divided psyche, a separate personality known as Candice.

Together they serve as an example of the divided psyche of man, with Candice representing that dark half, the one who has the guts to do what we can only wish we could. They are the two faces of the same coin, the Ying and the Yang, the good and the bad all rolled into one. Where Margaret is the picture of innocence, Candice carries the face of unmitigated evil, and everywhere they goes she leaves a bloody trail death and despair in her wake.

Though it was Margaret who physically killed the handyman who raped her when she was just seventeen, her alter ego was responsible for the act. Now, twenty five years after that day, she is longer considered a threat. Transferred to a minimum security facility  her new doctor changes the medication that has kept her dark half suppressed, unleashing Candice upon an unsuspecting world.

In a desperate bid to reclaim her life Margaret, driven by Candice, escapes with one simple plan. Return home, take the place of her twin sister, and live out the rest of her life in relative peace. But even the best laid plans had their flaws, at home the vengeful ghosts of the past have waited patiently for her return, and not even Candice can escape one simple truth.

The dead always got their revenge.


She was crazy, without a doubt as nutty as a nut bar. Barbara jumped when something slapped against the door on the other side.

“I’m gonna get your babies,” Margaret shouted through the closed door. “I’m gonna slit their fucking throats.”

“Scotty,” Barbara whimpered, “Jenny.”

She stood up straight, her face a mask of anger, no longer worried for herself. Aware only that her children were in danger.

“You leave my children alone.” Barbara shouted as she flung open the door, and raced outside. Margaret was surprised by this turn of events, and was quickly driven to the ground by Barbara’s weight. Margaret struggled against her bulk as Barbara straddled her chest, and wrapped her hands around Margaret’s throat.

“Leave my children alone.” Barbara demanded, slamming Margaret’s head into the pavement to punctuate each word.

Margaret slapped at Barbara’s meaty arms with little effect. The utility knife fell from her hand to clatter across the pavement as stars exploded behind her eyes with each impact of her head against the pavement. She struggled to remain conscious as Barbara became winded and each successive impact was lessened.

“Leave my children alone” Barbara whispered, slumping forward over Margaret’s prone figure. She lifted her head and looked around the parking lot.

“Jenny? Scotty?” she called out weakly.

Barbara struggled to her feet and staggered across the parking lot towards the car. Margaret had been forgotten, her mind focused now only on finding her children.

“Jenny? Scotty?” she called out.

At the edge of the forest, Scott struggled to keep Jenny from running out to her mother.

“Do you want her to find us?” he said, nodding in the direction of Margaret who pulled herself to her feet, and trailed Barbara across the lot. Eyes wide with fright, the children could only watch helplessly as the last chapter of this tragic tableau was played out before them.

Barbara reached the car, and peered into the back seat.

“It’s okay, everything’s going to be all right now,” Barbara said as she tried to open the back door. The handle slipped from her fingers, and she looked down unbelieving at the blood flowing down her arm.

“How did that happen?” she wondered aloud as her eyes traced the jagged gash that ran from her elbow to her wrist. Drops of blood splattered onto the pavement as she tried again. Her face was reflected in the glass of the door. Margaret’s face materialized behind her and Barbara whimpered.

“Please leave my babies be.”
End Excerpt:

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