Some things are better left undiscovered.


They have watched from the shadows since the dawn of time.
Jealous gods who once ruled a young planet.
Seeking a return to their former glory.
Only one man stands in their way!

What began as a routine murder investigation snowballs into a fight to the death when homicide detective Sam Hardin is drawn into a battle between good and evil. He must come to terms with his own guilt if he hopes to save his son from an otherworldly being bent on the annihilation of mankind.

First he must learn to love his son, and quit blaming him for the death of his wife. Four years earlier Sam and his pregnant wife walked into the middle of an armed robbery. When the smoke cleared she lay dying on the cold tile floor. At the hospital the doctors were presented with one only option, save the child.

Partially disabled Vietnam vet Jack Griffith has been counting down his final days as the cancer, compliments of his service in South East Asia, slowly consumes his body. Called upon to clear a clogged storm drain, he is accidentally stabbed by a dagger that had been stolen to repay a gambling debt. With his lifeblood flowing into the waters of the storm drain, surrounded by rats, he is given another chance at life when an alien presence invades his body.

But at what cost?

Jack surrenders everything that once made him human as he becomes a host to this alien life form. He is driven to search out the only one who can stand in the way of their return. An ancient god who appears in the guise of Sam's brain damaged four-year-old son, whose disturbing gaze holds the secrets of life and death, a child capable of closing the conduit to the past forever.

In the final battle, among the snow-covered peaks on the outskirts of a small mountain town, the fate of mankind hangs in the balance as Sam and Jack go head to head in a fight to the death. Only one will emerge victorious.

Will mankind awaken to new masters?

Or will good prevail?


“Sam , you've got a call from a Sergeant Ryker at the Tenth Street station,” the desk sergeant said, holding the receiver out to Sam.
Sam glanced at the desk sergeant. “I'm busy right now, take a message for me.”
The desk sergeant shook his head. “Says he wants to talk only to you. It's about your daughter.”

The bottom fell out of his rage, its warmth replaced by a cold fear that squeezed his guts in its icy grip. He glanced from the note, to the phone. He didn't want to answer it. He didn't want to learn the secrets it held. It was better to be ignorant. For suddenly, ignorance meant life would go on as it had, that nothing would change.


Why were they doing this to him? 

They'd already taken Anna. Might as well say they'd taken Frankie as well. The gods, they were chipping away at him, laughing at his misery as they slowly peeled back each layer of his life. Opening him up like a head of lettuce to reveal the black and rotted thing that pulsed at the center.

“Oh God, Sam ,” Michelle whispered, her hand over her mouth, eyes sparkling with tears.
But Sam didn't hear her. His whole being had become concentrated on the waiting phone. It held the secret. Hidden among its jumbled wires and resistors, lost within its spaghetti-like innards lay the secret of life and death.

Today a thousand phones would ring as they carried the bad news.

I'm sorry, your mother passed away this morning.

I'm sorry, the tests have revealed a tumor.

I'm sorry, there's been an accident.

The phone sat at the center of it all. Carrying both good news and bad, its ring never differentiating between the two. An instrument of death and sadness that resided in almost every home in the country. 

Never thought of until it rang.

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