Why do I Write?

That's like asking someone why they breathe. For me writing is the natural end product of a life spent reading.  When I was seven I became sick and was stuck in bed for over six months. Something about polio or whatever, I don't know what the problem was, only that for six or seven months I couldn't walk. My dad put a spare TV in my bedroom. But Captain Kangaroo and cartoons soon became boring so I began reading. Comics at first, then I switched to the rags like Weird Tales, Tales from the Crypt, those kind of stories. I think what got me started on that was the old war comic about the World War II tanker crew in an M3 Lee whose tank had been adopted by the ghost of Robert E Lee. Comics and graphic novels that we cal them now naturally led me to books and I discovered through books that I was no longer bound to my bed. By reading and living the book my imagination took me anywhere I wanted to go. So naturally after reading several thousand books I woke up one morning with the bright idea that I could write as well.

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