Just meandering through the day.

Finally Sunday is here and I can relax a bit.  Do a little writing, added 628 words to my novella, Enter Night, this morning, which is based on a script I wrote last year that never went anywhere. I plan to submit this to Samhain Publishing and see what happens.
I'm still fighting through Reprisal. I have the basic story done, I've written the ending even though I'm still several chapters away from finishing the main story line. I've been fleshing out the sub plots, getting the character arcs headed in the right direction and all that.
Even with all this work I have to do I find myself constantly drawn to the web to check the sales rank for Shadows of the Past on Amazon. And to look for reviews. None yet, but its only been two weeks since the book was made available. Talk about impatience. I need to take a week or two and just ignore the thing. Get refocused on my future work.

I have spoken to all three local bookstore owners and each has agreed to stock my book and we've talked about a spring signing event. Since my novel was inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft I have been toying with the idea of creating a life sized replica of a Mi-Go to take to book signings to let people take their picture with. Actually I've already created the lower portion of the skeleton using 2x4's ripped down on a table saw. Once I've finished with the full skeleton I'll use 1/8" ply to create cross sections that I'll attach to skeleton upon which the final skin will be attached.  Once I've progressed further I'll post pictures here for my readers to see.

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