Review of Finding Poe

Title: Finding Poe

Author: Leigh M. Lane

Publisher:  Cerebral Books

Pub Date: March 2012

Genre:  Gothic Horror

Synopsis: A distinguished lady of Norland, compelled by the love of her husband, is taken from the trappings of high society to which she is more accustomed and thrust into a simpler life in an isolated lighthouse on a battered New England coast. Her husband Brantley is searching for a secret truth hidden within the lighthouse and in the process descends into madness that ends when he hangs himself from the railing of the spiral staircase within the towering structure.
Alone now Lady Karina resolves to return to her beloved Norland and the life of a lady proper but first she feels she must deliver a sealed envelope she found on her husband’s desk addressed to a Mr. Poe in Baltimore, MD. During her journey she meets a number of intriguing, and sometimes terrifying, characters as she is further plagued by nightmares that make her question her own sanity. In the end she completes her terrifying journey filled with twists and turns and meets Mr. Poe who is involved in a dispute that has escalated to the point where someone is trying to kill him.

Review: Leigh has created a hauntingly beautiful tale that in many ways mirrors Poe’s own work. If you are a fan of his you will recognize many of the characters and situations as the story unfolds. If you are not a fan don’t let that stop you from enjoying FINDING POE. Leigh’s writing is fresh and compelling, drawing the reader into the story with a voice that becomes transparent allowing the reader to experience for themselves all of the dread and excitement of a character wholly out of their element.

I received a free copy of FINDING POE from the author in exchange for my review. This did not influence my review in any way and my review would have been the same had I purchased this book myself.


  1. Thanks so much for your review, Richard!

  2. Your welcome Lisa, thoroughly enjoyed reading your work.