Poilitics and the writer.

If you're a regular on Facebook or twitter you've no doubt seen the posts downing one candidate or the other for the upcoming presidential election. And the competing posts that oftentimes denigrate into a virtual shouting match that drown out all reason.

I've often wondered if it was wise for a writer who is searching for an audience to honestly express their opinion about one politician or the other on a public forum. After all we want everyone to read our book, not just those who share our views, so why would a writer purposely alienate a potential 50 percent of their possible market by expressing their opinion in such a way. 

What really disturbs me are the posts from people I would view as normally intelligent, who lower themselves to name calling just to get their idea across. Do you believe that calling a public figure an asshat, or shitbag will cause me to fall into line with your belief. All that's going to do is make me question your intelligence if you can't present a counter argument that rises above schoolyard bickering.

How do you feel about political posts on public forums?

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