The Power of Belief

Do you believe?

The power of faith is a force with no equal. Nothing can defeat a person who believes. Nothing can stop a person whose faith is strong. The world around us is full of stories that reveal the true power of ones faith. Be it a religious or secular belief, nothing can deter one following a path they believe is right.

But is that power reserved only for Christians?  Muslims? Jews? Man as a whole, no matter his individual belief, can benefit from the power of faith.

Is man unique in his belief systems?

Are we alone in the universe?

It's doubtful. And if an alien race has progressed technologically to the point we have achieved, would they too not have some belief system in place?

If mankind has his gods, wouldn't an alien life form have it's own gods?

That which inhabited Jack Griffith believed so. He believed so strongly that he was compelled to seek out the only one he felt could stand in his way. A brain damaged four year old child. Sam Hardin's son.

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