Random House

Having recently finished the line edits of my latest work, Reprisal: Vengeance knows no boundaries. I moved into the contacting of a potential publisher stage. While I enjoy self publishing, and the do it yourself aspect of putting together a new book.  I understand that to get my name out there I need to have some of my work published by other publishers. Hence my decision to fall back to the old routine of submitting to a more reputable publisher than myself. Not to say I'm dishonest or anything. But there are times a publisher can help to expand your audience.

I have seven completed short stories that are making the rounds right now, starting of course at the top of the list with Cemetery Dance and working my way down. I've always said aim high.

And with my novella now finished it was my intent to aim very high indeed.

Late last year Random House expanded into digital e-books with their imprints Hydra, Alibi, and Flirt. It was my intent, until today, to submit my work to their Hydra imprint.

Sadly I've discovered, thanks to a couple of friends on Facebook, that Random House's imprint Hydra, has made an appearance on Writers Beware.


I knew the big six were struggling with the explosion of self publishing. I've witnessed more than one of them align themselves with a less than honorable vanity publisher. But to see such a reputable publisher lower themselves in this way leaves me speechless.  

When I first started writing Random House was the king of the hill. For many horror writers their goal was to be picked up by Del-Rey, an imprint of Random House. Barring that you're next choice was Leisure, or and I shudder to think of them, Zebra. Zebra was an interesting imprint. From their garish covers to the lack of continuity, and in some cases any semblance to actual writing in some of their releases. You could find many of their books at the local drug store in those wire cage racks that spun around.

What makes it even worse is the fact that many new writers will be blinded by the bald truth and ignore important terms of a very restrictive contract with Random House just to have that publishers name associated with their work.

Remember the only person who is going to take care of you, is you!

Read the fine print even if it does give you a headache.

Then take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

No, don't call me in the morning. I'll be in mourning for the passing of a publishing giant. Then I've got some work to do.

Yesterday Random House released the details of their new contract terms. Full details can be read here:  Random House Update


  1. Random House has rewritten its contract in response to all the bad publicity it has been receiving. Here is a link to the new terms: http://www.atrandom.com/eoriginals/index.php

    Good luck with your new book!

    1. Thanks Lisa. The press release for the updated contract came after I had already posted this, but right before I had to leave for work so I was unable to update the post.