Coming Soon

I've just released a short story through Amazon's KDP titled
A Family Tradition

Synopsis:  Would you give away your future unborn child in exchange for your life?

Michael learns that some family traditions can be deadly.  He thought they had come to Rodman's Hollow to hunt deer. But as night descends he discovers that his father had made a promise to that which inhabits this desolate place, a promise that he was expected to fulfill.

It's available here for $.99  A Family Tradition

Coming Soon:

One Star Reviews

It was bound to happen eventually. It happens to every writer who puts themselves out there.  No one is immune.  Not even F. Scott Fitzgerald whose novel, The Great Gatsby, has received a total of 116 one star reviews. Stephen King is known the world over as a writer worth reading. Yet his novel, The Stand, considered by some to be one of the best post apocalyptic stories ever written, has gotten 53 one star reviews.