Countdown to Halloween: Coffin Hop 2013

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement. The 2013 Coffin Hop has officially begun. What is the Coffin Hop? You might be wondering. Well I'm glad you asked.

COFFIN HOP is the annual online Horror creator event, geared towards gaining exposure for indie horror and genre authors and artists, while increasing interaction with fans and readers.

COFFIN HOP runs October 24-31 at WWW.COFFINHOP.COM and regularly features more than 200 artists and authors, partying it up, bringing the treats and the tricks to an online audience of thousands. Practically every participant will be hosting a giveaway so take the time to visit each site and enter for your chance to win some great prizes.

2013 also sees the release of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, a collection of stories from some of the best authors out there, as well as art from the legendary Nik Seizure, a special collectors edition of Robot Lincoln & Zombie Jackson, and an introduction by author, B-movie expert and cult filmmaker Scott S. Phillips. All profits to benefit LitWorld and their excellent children's literacy programs.

Okay, I cheated. I copy and pasted the info above.

As part of the Coffin Hop I will be giving away one copy of the Coffin Hop anthology:
Death by Drive In  

In addition to the above prize, over half of the authors who have been featured during my Halloween countdown, have agreed to help me create a very special prize package for one lucky winner.  A library filled with the following ebooks.

Lori R Lopez:                    Heartbeat and An Ill Wind Blows
Leigh M Lane:                   Finding Poe Kindle gift only. 
Matthew Tait:                   Dark Meridian
W. H. Pugmire:                 TBD
Robert S Wilson:               Fading In Darkness
Greg F Gifune:                  The Living and The Dead     
T. W. Brown:                      Dead: The Ugly Beginning
Billie Sue Mosiman:           Sinister
Sara Brooke:                     The Bed
Anthony Seravante:           Keepsake
Kat Yares:                         The XIII
Max Booth III:                   Black
S.D. Hintz:                        Tales From An Undertaker
Robert Dunbar:                 Vortex
Armand Rosamila:             Winners choice.

That's Fourteen titles and counting. I have not heard back from all 23 authors I've  featured to date so the list will be updated as they get back with me.

Unless otherwise noted copies are available in Kindle or Nook formats. Winner must choose one or the other.

Each author, or publisher, will forward the appropriate file to the winners email address.


I'm so glad you asked.
Winning is easy. Leave a comment on this post listing your Facebook and Twitter handles. Post on Facebook about the coffin hop linking to this blog, or the Coffin hop site and use the hash tag #coffinhopRS. Tweet about the Coffin Hop using the same hash tag. For every FB post and tweet your name will be added to the drawing. So if you post five times and tweet five times using the hash tags #coffinhopRS your name will be entered into the drawing ten times, increasing your odds of winning.

I will keep track of the tweets and posts, assigning each one a number related to the order in which they appear. At the end of the hop I will generate a random number and the person whose name is next to that number will be the winner.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I will be updating this post as needed.

Don't forget to visit the other participating sites to enter their contests as well. The links for each is at the bottom of this page.


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    1. Provide me with your twitter and Facebook names so I can track your posts about the Coffin hop and this giveaway using the hash tag #coffinhopRS, and you'll be in the running to win.


    twitter: @jlindahlj

  4. I've discovered that most of my Coffin Hop entries never get posted, because I move on to the next author without completing the captcha "Prove you're not a robot" challenge. Drat those. I didn't notice them until Saturday! Find me @BookwormPOV

    1. It usually takes me several attempts to get the captcha right which explains why I refuse to use it here.

  5. Dutifully Tweeted, bud...@AshKrafton, at yer service!