Countdown to Halloween: Jeffrey Kosh

We're closing in on our target. Today's guest makes it 29, with but one more to follow. Permit me to introduce, illustrator, and author Jeffrey Kosh, and his latest release, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Set in an alternate timeline – where the Great Plague of 1666 is replaced by an Undead Curse – DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES tells the story of how the curse ended and what was left behind as a legacy of it. It is also the personal growth of a character – Daniel ‘Drake’ Davies – going from free-spirited, but somewhat cynic buccaneer to an Ahab-like soldier bent on revenge.

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Jeffrey Kosh is the pen name of an author of two novels, some novelettes, and a long series of short stories. Perhaps best known for his horror fiction, Jeffrey also writes erotica and likes to experience different paths. His works have been published by Alexandria Publishing Group, Grinning Skull Press, May-December Publications, and EFW. He is also a graphic artist, creating covers for various authors and publishing houses. His various careers have led him to travel extensively worldwide, developing a passion for photography, wildlife, history, and popular folklore. All these things heavy influenced his writing style. His short story 'HAUNT' was featured in the 'FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE' anthology, while 'ROAD OFF' became the lead in the 'SCARE PACKAGE' anthology. His debut novel, 'FEEDING THE URGE' is now at its second edition. He loves kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, and never relaxes ...
More information is available at: Jeffrey Kosh's Prosperity Glades - 
and at AUTHORSdB 

Don't forget the Coffin Hop is still active. As part of the Coffin Hop I will be giving away one copy of the Coffin Hop anthology:

In addition to the above prize, over half of the authors who have been featured during my Halloween countdown, have agreed to help me create a very special prize package for one lucky winner.  A library filled with the following ebooks.

Lori R Lopez:                    Heartbeat and An Ill Wind Blows
Leigh M Lane:                   Finding Poe Kindle gift only. 
Matthew Tait:                   Dark Meridian
W. H. Pugmire:                 TBD
Robert S Wilson:               Fading In Darkness
Greg F Gifune:                  The Living and The Dead     
T. W. Brown:                      Dead: The Ugly Beginning
Billie Sue Mosiman:           Sinister
Sara Brooke:                     The Bed
Anthony Seravante:           Keepsake
Kat Yares:                         The XIII
Max Booth III:                   Black
S.D. Hintz:                        Tales From An Undertaker
Robert Dunbar:                 Vortex
Armand Rosamila:             Winners choice.
Graeme Reynolds:             High Moor & High Moor II

That's sixteen titles and counting. I have not heard back from all 23 authors I've  featured to date so the list will be updated as they get back with me. To enter simply comment on this or any of the other posts about the coffin hop. And please share the holiday joy by visiting the other participants of the hop whose links are located at the bottom of the page.


  1. Alternate history is frightening all by itself -- without any horror purposely mixed in. Why? Because I have a serious "what if" complex.

  2. Hey, Richard. Wow! That's a pretty big prize. Anyone who's TBR pile hasn't fallen over by now will certainly fall over with that stack of books! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope you're enjoying the Hop. I'm still making my way down the list the first time. *sigh* I have an 11 hour day job which makes keeping up pretty tough. In any event, I'm nearly through.
    Take care and enjoy Coffin Hop 2013.