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Coming in 2014 from my personal imprint, Abiss Books.

Nine Dark Tales

This collection of nine short stories will contain three that are currently available on Kindle with six never before published shorts.

Ebook=January, 2014 Print = February 2014

Table of Contents:
  • Bobo: A kidnapped woman receives help from an unlikely source that proves death is not the barrier many believe it to be.
  • In The Shadows: Waking up from a coma Charlie can now see that the shadows of those around him reveal the true intent of their owners.
  • Origin: After a seismic event in Antarctica a group of scientists discover ancient secrets of man’s distant past.
  • A Family tradition: Would you give up your unborn child to save yourself? Michaels father did, and now the time has come to repay that debt.
  • Till Death Do We Part: The economy took his pride, now the zombie apocalypse has taken his happiness.
  • Perchance to Dream: Do the dead dream of being alive?
  • Don’t F*@# With The Pizza Guy: First in an upcoming series of stories about a deadly little place called Bordertwon. In Bordertown life has no value and everything belongs to the one with the most gold.
  • Where The Dead Things Go: A young boy learns the truth of the Barrens after his brother’s death and is given a second chance to make amends for a bout of youthful stubbornness.
  • Music of the Gods: So often we don't realize what we have until we've lost it. During a weekend trip to save his failing marriage Donald learns this simple truth after he and his wife are involved in an accident.

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