Say Hi to Puddles.

Meet Puddles, he's not just any old stuffed bunny, he belongs to seven year old Christine whose daddy died in Iraq. Before he left he gave Puddles to Christine, promising her that as long as she had him by her side, her Daddy would always be with her.

Christine and her mommy have moved across the country, to the quaint little town of Porter Mines, nestled in the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland.  Something evil inhabits the forest behind her new home, wrapped in an old legend of a suspected witch burned at the stake in the seventeen hundreds, an evil stirred by Christine's presence.

Will the power of her Daddy's love, wrapped in the fixed gaze of a stuffed bunny, be enough to protect her from that malignant force?

Read A Father's Love to find out. Coming late 2014 from Richard Schiver, author of the macabre.

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