Dreams & Nightmares: Feeding the Muse.

Had a bad dream last night. Most of my dreams are pretty bad anyway which scares me a bit and leaves me wondering about the health of my psyche. I believe all writers of dark fiction at one time or another have voiced concerns about their mental health. The dreams do tend to feed my muse, or maybe it's the other way around and the muse is using my dreams as a way to communicate with me on a deeper, more emotional  level.

What do you think?

Anyway last night's dream was pretty intense. Woke me up and I had to lay there with the light on for a bit while I got my emotions under control. I still remember the dream rather vividly, even as I sit here writing this post, which is unusual in itself as I normally forget them soon after waking up if I don't use the little voice recorder my wife got me to capture their essence. Neat little gadget there, don't have to worry about trying to decipher my midnight scribbles. I've lost many a decent idea because I couldn't read what I'd written after waking up from a nightmare.  

But coming back to this dream, I know, all roads circle back to their beginnings, right?

 My biggest concern really is how bad of a person am I that my imagination would come up with something so chilling, so despicable, that even six hours after waking up I'm still feeling its effects. I don't believe I'm a bad person. I get along well with others. I tolerate some people without being an ass about it.

But what kind of a person am I to imagine this?

Will this make it into one of my works? Absolutely.

Which explains why I won't share the dream here. I want to embrace the emotions I felt during the dream so as to transfer them to the page for the reader and recounting what happened here would only diminish its power. I will only say this.

It has to do with a door that's been nailed shut.

Do you keep track of your dreams?

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