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Thomas Kleaton, a talented new writer who is showing a great deal of promise, recently asked me to participate in a writer’s blog tour. The requirement was simple enough, answer four questions, and tag several other writers that you know to answer the same four questions on their blog.

Thomas maintains a blog here: http://thomaskleaton.wordpress.com/

I don’t like to tag anyone for one of these unless I’ve spoken with them before hand and the three I intended to tag have not as yet gotten back to me. So I’m going to change things up here a bit and give a shout out to those tireless souls who help us writers get the word out about our new releases.

They are the readers who have taken their obsession one step further and publicly post reviews on their own personal blogs. So stop by their site after you’re done here, check out their reviews, interviews, new release announcement, you never know you might just find a new writer or two to follow.

What am I working on?
Shadows of the Past Part II Parasite. The creature Sam Hardin though he had killed in Shadows of the Past Part I has returned. But the problem is no longer isolated in the hills of Western Maryland. In Washington State a young man discovers an alien craft beneath his basement floor, inside is a parasite that is tied to what Sam killed and threatens the future of all mankind.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?
Very little blood and guts. I believe real tension is created by the perception in the readers mind of what is about to happen versus a blow-by-blow description of what does happen.
Why do I write what I do? 
That’s like asking someone why they breath. All my life I’ve been drawn to the macabre.
How does my writing process work?
I allow the idea to incubate, to explore its myriad possibilities, then I start running the gauntlet of questions. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and of course how. Once I have these firmly in mind it is only then that I put pen to paper.

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