2014 Halloween Horror Author Countdown: Jason V Brock

Reaching the mid-point of our little journey we come upon Jason V Brock and his latest release, Milton's Children.

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A seafaring expedition to the Antarctic takes a detour during their return home to investigate a chain of uncharted islands. The landing party finds amazing animals – including gigantic, undiscovered species of what seem to be either very bizarre birds or flying reptiles. They break up into two groups to explore the landscape, and when one group fails to return, the others decide to camp on the beach for the night and wait for a helicopter rescue in the morning. . .

When the chopper arrives, there is no one to be found – only a gruesome aftermath, and the scientists’ cameras and notes. Upon reviewing some video taken by the original party, the few remaining crew members learn that these creatures are much more than anyone could have imagined. 

About the Author:

JASON V BROCK's work has been widely published in magazines, comics, and anthologies such as Dark Scribe Press's "Butcher Knives & Body Counts"; Bluewater comics' mini-series "Tales from William F. Nolan's Dark Universe"; "Animal Magnetism"; "Calliope"; "Ethereal Tales"; S. T. Joshi's "Black Wings" series; "Like Water for Quarks"; "San Diego Comic-Con International's Souvenir Book"; "Dark Discoveries" (where he served as Managing Editor/Art Director); "Fangoria" and several other venues around the world, in a variety of languages. Brock is currently finishing multiple novels, and works on the biannual digest "NAMELESS".

Brock served as co-editor/contributor to the award-winning Cycatrix Press anthology "The Bleeding Edge: Dark Barriers, Dark Frontiers" with William F. Nolan ("Logan's Run"), which showcased new, unpublished works from authors John Shirley, Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury, Joe R. Lansdale, Gary Braunbeck and more. Brock and Nolan also teamed for the follow-up anthology, "The Devil's Coattails: More Tales from the Dark Frontier", which featured never-before-seen writings from Dan O'Bannon, Earl Hamner, Ramsey Campbell and Norman Corwin, among others, as well as a book about the life and works of "Twilight Zone" scribe Charles Beaumont ("The Intruder"), entitled "Strange Interlude: The Worlds of Charles Beaumont" (forthcoming).

Brock assists Mr. Nolan on various other projects, including the Bluewater Productions comics "Logan's Run: Last Day" (Story Consultant/Lead Costume Designer) and "William F. Nolan's Dark Universe" (writer); as editor for Nolan's Centipede Press collection (formerly with Arkham House) "Like a Dead Man Walking and Other Shadow Tales" (2013); and as co-writer for the upcoming addition to the "Logan's Run" saga entitled "Logan Falls".

Brock's films include the highly-regarded documentaries "Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone's Magic Man"; "The AckerMonster Chronicles!" (about legendary agent and "Famous Monsters of Filmland" editor Forrest J Ackerman), and "Image, Reflection, Shadow: Artists of the Fantastic" (featuring H. R. Giger, Roger Dean, Ernst Fuchs, and many more artists from all over the world). An artist and musician himself, Brock has had multiple showings of his artwork and illustrated his own books in addition to creating posters and packaging for his films and his former progressive rock band, ChiaroscurO.

A health nut and gadget freak, he lives in the Portland, OR area, and loves his wife Sunni, their family of reptiles/amphibians, and practicing vegan/vegetarianism. Visit his website at http://www.JaSunni.com .


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