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Action - Adventure:  The Werewolf Principle

Synopsis: Many centuries in the future, a two-hundred-year-old man is discovered hibernating in a space capsule orbiting a distant star. Transported back to his home planet, Andrew Blake awakens to an Earth he does not recognize—a world of flying cars and sentient floating houses—with no memory whatsoever of his history or purpose. But he has not returned alone. The last survivor of a radical experiment abandoned more than a century earlier, Blake was genetically altered to be able to adapt to extreme alien environments, and now he can sense other presences inhabiting his mind and body. One is a biological computer of astonishing power; the other is a powerful creature akin to a large wolf. And Blake is definitely not the one in control. With his sanity hanging in the balance, Blake’s only option is to set out in frantic pursuit of his past, the truth, his destiny—and quite possibly the fate of humankind.

Contemporary Fiction: The Scamp: A Novel

Synopsis: Mysterious, chilling, and told a breakneck pace, The Scamp will thrill readers of Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone and Roxane Gay’s An Untamed State.

Rayelle Reed can’t escape in her small town, where everyone knows everything and not enough: All the guys she slept with, but not the ones she loved. The baby she had out of wedlock with the pastor’s son, and how the baby died, but not the grief and guilt that consume her. At a motel bar, Rayelle meets Couper Gale, a freelance detective on a mission to investigate a rash of missing girls, and she tags along as an excuse to cross the state line. But when Couper’s investigation leads them to the mystery surrounding Rayelle’s runaway cousin Khaki, she finds she is heading straight back into everything she was hoping to leave behind.

As fates become entwined, Rayelle must follow a haunted and twisted path—leading her toward a collision where loyalties will be betrayed, memories uncovered, and family bonds shattered. Unflinchingly dark and compelling, THE SCAMP confronts head-on the issues of family origins and the bonds between mothers, daughters, and sisters. It delves deep into the cycle of abuse and poverty, questioning, in the end, the value of any one life, child or adult.

In Pashley’s hands, the lost girls of rural and industrial America, trapped in the unforgiving systems of government assistance and single parenthood, are portrayed with depth and nuance. She exposes the ingrained poverty and atmosphere of disillusionment that damns them before they have a chance and she gives them a ray of hope for a better life ahead.

Horror: The Light Through The Water

Synopsis: I died when I was 8 years old. I drowned...

If my father hadn't pulled me out of the water I would have stayed dead. Just before I blacked out, I saw the most beautiful light coming through the water. A light so bright and full of love it made me forget about death. Years went by and I forgot about the light. Things changed, I got older. People I loved saw their own light. And I eventually saw mine again. This is the story of my light.

The Light Through the Water

Literary Fiction: The Musubi Murder

Synopsis: Small town life, big academic egos, revenge, romance, and Spam musubis

The Musubi Murder is Hawaii's first campus murder mystery

Newly single and far from home, Professor Molly Barda wants to focus on her job and stay out of trouble until she gets tenure at remote Mahina State University. But her life is upended when fast-food entrepreneur Jimmy Tanaka, founder of Merrie Musubis, pledges a huge donation to Molly's college, and then disappears.

Molly's bottom-line-obsessed dean tasks her with locating the missing musubi mogul, a quest that lands her in a stew of old grudges, whispered scandals, and murder.

Along the way, Molly starts to fall for Tanaka's competitor, the too-good-to-be-true Donnie Gonsalves. Donnie seems to like her for all the wrong reasons--and has a few secrets of his own.

The Musubi Murder is for

    mystery lovers
    Hawaii expatriates
    disillusioned academics
    anyone who fancies Spam (the meat)

˃˃˃ What is a Musubi?

The Spam musubi, Hawaii's favorite snack and Merrie Musubis' signature dish, is a cube of sticky rice topped with a slice of fried Spam, and then wrapped in a strip of dried seaweed. From a distance, musubis look a lot like oversized pieces of sushi.

Romance: Enchanting the Swan

Synopsis: Paul, a classical pianist, meets law student cellist Fiona at William & Mary and they begin playing beautiful music together. When they perform The Swan by Camille Saint-Saƫns on William & Mary's Charter Day, their love is sealed forever. They agree to marry after graduation, but Fiona's reactionary godparents object to her marrying Paul and command her to come back home to Belgium. When Paul visits her in Brussels, Fiona breaks their relationship, following the wishes of her deceased parents that she marry into her Belgian social circle. She does just so, unaware of her godfather's real intentions. Heartbroken, Paul leaves for Geneva to start his banking career, and gets entangled in a dramatic banking fraud. He is forced to return to the USA, where he finds Fiona physically and psychologically abused and on the verge of utter despair. Paul endeavors to restore their love but faces harrowing obstacles. Will they ever play The Swan again?

Sci-Fi: Lucid Blue: And Other Tales Too (Tarnished Sterling)

Synopsis: Not everything that happens in the world is seen by Travis Colfax. This anthology explores the wider universe of the Tarnished Sterling books with eight short works, including two novellas.

Ranger Roy the Rocket Rider - Travis and the Trainees attempt to catch a group of burglars who are breaking into places which have memorabilia related to the Golden Age Hero 'Ranger Roy'.

Omnirunner - Dan Fullbright was a lousy hero. In fact, he'd pretty much abandoned the life and spent his days below the radar, doing odd jobs and the occasional petty theft. The job Evelyn brought him looked simple enough - make it look like a man wasn't dead just yet. The way Dan's day had been going, it was anything but simple.

Reforger - Fleeing the fall of his vessel, Lord Captain Zsh-ya doesn't get much further than the surface of the planet. An old supervillain and his rival attempt to get their hands on Zsh-ya's ship before the Heroes show up.

Heartstrings - Valentine's Day brings the Eighty-first annual Heartstrings Archery Tournament to New Port Arthur. For Errol Rickard, it is the perfect cover to gain access to Leyden Academy and correct a mistake which could reveal his family's secrets.

Lucid Blue - Four juvenile delinquents attempt to get their lives back in order and avoid jail through the Community Fund's Junior Redemptioner program. All the while a new drug is making its way to the streets, one that gives people temporary powers.

Dead Men Talking - Baron Mortis talks to dead people, and they talk back. Sometimes, they won't shut up. A fact Donny discovers when he finds out the skull mask carries more baggage than just the weight of legacy about it.

Iron Conjurer - Looking to salvage something after failing to get their hands on Zsh-ya's shuttle, a pair of supervillains hatch a plan forged from sheer audacity. They are going to rob Sterling Towers itself.

Dirge of Carcosa - "How would you like to go to Mars?" Rex Holt asked. It was an offer Travis couldn't turn down. Of course, with all things the Fund Board gave, it came with a catch...

Thriller: Eye for Revenge

Synopsis: Something unusual is happening to Quinn Montgomery. Trapped inside her unconscious mind, the sound of her father's soothing voice seeps through, and the past twenty-four hours comes flooding back. She wakes to find herself in the hospital. Her childhood best friend Evie is dead. But not just dead, murdered, and Evie's four-year-old son witnessed it all. Traumatized over what he saw, he's not talking. And when Evie's cold-blooded killer goes into hiding, Quinn isn't only out for justice, she's out for revenge.

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