Fisking the HuffPo, because writers need to GET PAID

There's been a great deal of talk lately about the speed at which writers produce. Even Stephen King has weighed in recently with his article in the NY Times: Can a novelist be too productive. What follows is the latest salvo from Larry Correia over at Monster Hunter Nation in response to a Huffington Post article by Lorraine Devon Wilkes titled Dear Self Published author: Do not write Four Books a Year

Without further delay, here's Larry

Oh my hell… You’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me. Here I am, with just a few days between cons trying to get the edits done on a book, and bestselling author Chris Nuttall had to go and post a link a HuffPo article on his Facebook page with the comment “This needs fisking.” That’s like Correia bait. How could I not look?
So I read it, and like most everything else writing related that comes out of HuffPo, Salon, Slate, the Guardian, or other pretentious, snooty, wannabe literati pages the advice is a great way to kill your writing career.
As somebody who makes a good living off of writing books, I’m going to be a little more pragmatic in my take. I don’t write to appease snoots or impress critics. I write to GET PAID. All authors who want to quit their day jobs and make a living as writers need to put GET PAID in their mission statements.
This one got long, but there was just a lot of really bad advice in there. Basically I had to write this because looking back on my career, the single best piece of advice I ever got was be prolific. 

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